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"JavaScript RSS Viewer puts little or long customizable RSS boxes anywhere you put HTML; build your own slashbox hell or heaven, it's feedarific!" – Abbe Normal

About this viewer:
This RSS-box viewer can display the formats RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0 (w/o modules) and Scripting News 2. It provides a neat way to embed such RSS-boxes in any HTML document via a generated JavaScript tag.

The script running behind this is written in Rebol, a cool internet messaging language. You can peek at the main part of the code and if you are still interested in the whole source I will certainly give it to you. Please note that this stuff is still in beta.

Recent changes:

  • 30.03.2003
    Moved to new server with new domain forever.p3k.org.

  • 25.03.2003
    Updated Rebol to version 2.5.5. End of Rebol's "DNS zombies" in the process list. Finally.

  • 19.02.2002
    Added a very nice quote from Abbe Normal on top right of this document.

  • 17.11.2001
    If you want a more compact view of the RSS box you can get it now using the corresponding checkbox. If it is enabled the descriptions of each item will not be displayed – given that the item title is defined (otherwise there would not be much to see). Additionally, the channel image (if defined) will not be displayed. Thanks jsyeo@compuserve.com for the suggestions!

  • 21.09.2001
    Since today the textInput tag is supported. It creates an appropriate form at the end of the box. Moreover, two bugs were fixed: one caused unnecessary information in the query string of the generated JavaScript tag. The other affected the display of the date's time zone. Time zones now are generally displayed in GMT except where another time zone acronym is defined.

  • 04.09.2001
    Added icons for enclosure and source; added XML button checkbox to enable output of the quasi-standard orange button linking to the XML source (idea by adam@curry.com).

  • 03.09.2001
    It's now possible to refine the style of the whole box using the newly implemented css classes .rssBoxTitle, .rssBoxContent, rssBoxItemTitle and rssBoxItemContent (idea by rdavies@orientpacific.com).

  • 24.08.2001
    Added a form input for limiting the item display. The number determines how many items will be shown in the box (seven is the default value). Good for often updated channels.

  • 15.08.2001
    Detected a strange bug that prevented the viewer on jamby.net loading http://p3k.org/rss.xml while http://www.p3k.org/rss.xml was no problem at all. Upgrading the Rebol installation to the current version solved the problem, however the cause remains unclear...

  • 08.08.2001
    Fixed a small bug that corrupted channel URLs containing a query (as reported by kika@sloleht.ee). Configured server redirect from piefke.helma.at/rss.

  • 05.08.2001
    Thanks to Adam Curry, the viewer is now mirrored at http://publish.curry.com/rss.

  • 30.07.2001
    Added link to source code; added example links for all supported formats.

  • 30.05.2001
    Fixed a little bug reported by fredi@email.ee that caused diacritic characters to be displayed as entity codes.

Missing features:

  • Option for limiting RSS items display. done.
  • Support for text input. done.
  • User-friendly error detection.
  • Support for PICS rating and day resp. hour skipping (no option since this is not a customizable harvester).

Future development:
I will discontinue developing this viewer with Rebol, soon (but it will be available here as is). I am already testing a new prototype using Helma Object Publisher. I intend to implement future ideas (like user and FTP management) in there.

For questions and comments feel free to mail to interface@p3k.org.

Thank you, p3k organisation!