The [hydrants
Christine Zmölnig
Jo Luick
Morgan Russell
Tobi Schäfer

[Breaking The Borders

[hydra is a non-linear anti-gravity-media information system.

[hydra breaks the borders of the screen. By using an unlimited two-dimensional space [hydra is not restricted to any display size.

[hydra provides an unique exploratory environment for the visualization of information space, particularly evident in its "overview" mode.

[hydra focuses the user's attention on content. [hydra provides a transparent interface whose tools are essential, intuitive and easy to use.

[hydra can incorporate all types of media: texts, pictures, movies, animations, sounds, music, three-dimensional objects and even interactive applications. [hydra can incorporate traditional tools like search engines as well as any newly-emerging tools.

The design of [hydra provides more than a unique look and feel. [hydra is information-design which allows an intuitive understanding of information-space and leaves the user free to focus on content.

Sound is an integral element of [hydra. Sonic cues support navigation in the [hydra in a subliminal way.

[hydra is non-platform. [hydra could run as an online system as well as on a cd-rom or on any newly-emerging platforms.

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